Sheffields No1 Security Company

Suite 4, 164-170 Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DH


Crimes Detected

We Keep property and family safe.


Alarms Answered

We respond immediately to all alarm alerts.


Crimes prevented in 2022

Prevention is better than dealing with the aftermath.



We fully install all your security equipment.


Hour Per Day

24 hours surveillance and protection.



All our security staff are Sia Approved.


Who Do We Protect?

Your Business
Protect Your Commercial Property.
Your Home
Protect Your Residential Property.

How Do We Protect?

perimeter sensors
Perimeter Sensors

To protect you.

Hi-Tech CCTV

We watch everything.

rapid response
Rapid Response

To any situation.

alarm systems
Alarm Systems

We only work with the best.

mobile patrols
Mobile Patrols

24 hours a day.

key holding
Key Holding

To keep you safe.


Not Your Standard Security Company

Aggressive Perimeter Security are not your standard security company. If you are looking for a ‘Rent A Cop’, someone and anyone with a badge to provide a tick in the box to say you have employed security to cover your insurance requirements – then we are NOT for you!

Our employment criteria is strict, we only employ those who can and will handle themselves in tricky situations. We only employ those who are not afraid to walk into the darkness. We only employ those willing to do what is needed and apprehend crooks until the police arrive. Why? Because our clients demand results and criminals think twice about targeting the sites we protect.

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Why you should trust us.

The average response time for South Yorkshire Police last year was over 15 minutes for immediate response when the criminals were on site. Our guys are onsite within 3 minutes of the alarm being raised.

Our guys are highly trained and can handle themselves in tight tricky situations. No criminal wants to come quietly when they know the police are on their way, and our guys are there to prevent them from getting away.

Our guys are enthusiastic, and serious and love to work with the Aggressive Perimeter Family. They are out all night keeping our client's property safe, regardless of the weather, and always ready.

We are not just located in your local area, we come from your local area, born and raised on the streets we now protect. We know who the criminal elements are, and they know us! Which makes our security protection more effective.

With our Hi-Tec security equipment installed, our signs mounted around your property and high-visibility patrols, we provide more than just a deterent, we provide confidence for our clients knowing that their property is safe and secure.

Our guys are proud of the community they serve. We are proud and humble and want to do what's right for the community, giving back to society with our Community Mission - Giving Back To Sheffield.


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